Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful in Manila!

Disclaimer: This is Jordan Mallory and NOT Jeff or Brenda…Somehow I missed out on the writing gene but here it goes!

Well, my parents and Pastor have left me and I am now on my own in Manila. I am staying with a great family! This trip really has been a GOD trip. From my parents finding Mark to the healing and revival that God is bringing back to the Philippines. Every service has had a purpose and has slowly given strength back to this nation. Bro. Keyes spoke that the revivals in years past are only the beginning and we have to continue to go beyond. I believe it so strongly that these next few months will be so powerful and important for the church. The time really is now! I am thankful that God has opened the doors to allow my family to have a small part in His work. I have always dreamt crazy dreams of going overseas on my own and doing something for God. Well I think that is happening. I am not there yet but the Filipino people won’t let me fail! Dreams that are kingdom minded can come true with faith and action!

I have spent my first Thanksgiving away from home in the Philippines! Now, I haven’t had any turkey, dressing, black-eyed cornbread or any other treat BUT I am still so thankful for this year. I do miss my entire family, the laughs, 5 hour-long monopoly games and puzzles that come with our Thanksgiving Day! My family here is taking such good care of me and I love you all so much!

I am already looking forward to coming back in February for General Conference. Whenever I go home there is an emptiness that comes over me. Not anything depressing, just a yearning to be back here. Say what you will but God’s hand is over Asia in a mighty way in these last days! I want to make sure I am in the middle of it! Now is the time to be involved!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Jordan Mallory

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