Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday in Cavite

A Wonderful Day.

Today, we were privileged to visit four churches in the province of Cavite, which is south of Manila. It was quite a schedule, but we were refreshed at each new church, because God met with us in different and wonderful ways in each place.

Marycris, Cavite - Pastor Art De Leon

Pastor Art De Leon is seated next to me. He recently started this church in Marycris, Cavite.

He is also the personal body guard of the President of the Philippine Central Bank. This man he protects, is the Philippine counterpart of America's Ben Bernake, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He is daily put in contact with the most powerful and influential people in all of Asia.

More and more God is elevating our Filipino ministry into places before unthinkable.

Anointing Pastor De Leon with oil. This young church got behind their pastor and are eager to see God move in mighty and great ways.

Marycris church presently meets in the clubhouse of a residential subdivision.

Molino, Cavite - Pastor Diamante
This is a young person in the Molino, Cavite church, Jose.
Jordan and Jose took turns playing the key board for an impromptu concert.

When we arrived at this church the young people were waiting for us. They were so excited to have visitors from America.
We asked them to sing, they laughed excitedly and got everything set up for a mini jam session. (Filipinos are always ready to sing and worship.)
They knew all the songs that we sing, yet they did not have the written music to play along.

Jordan is going back to the Molino church for a day here and there to work with these beautiful and talented people.
Of course, they were asking for "Mommy Amy." Amy Adams from Alexandria communicates with this church on a regular basis. Their relationship mean so much to the entire church.
Amy, they love you!
Anabu, Cavite - Pastor Borneo
The next church was in Anabu, Cavite. A few of the leaders met with us there and we had a wonderful time talking of the things of God and getting excited about what God is doing in the Philippines, and more specifically, Anabu. The church is looking to blow out the walls, as their present facilities are just too small to accommodate the growth. What a great problem!!

The beautiful presence of God moved into that place, and we all felt a witness and began to pray. We joined to pray for God to provide for this growing church.
We won't soon forget these wonderful people.

Anabu church with Pastor Borneo, wife and some church leaders. Pastor Borneo is the man in the white barong beside me.

Jordan and Kori with some of the Anabu young people. As with every place we visited today, the young people asked to be linked to the kids on Facebook. It is amazing how much these young people know about what is going on in Alexandria. The world is a very small place now.

Anabu Church
Imus, Cavite - Pastor Abs Gamayon
The Gamayon Family

Pastor Gamayon is the long time General Secretary of the UPC Philippines.

Pastor Gamayon surprised me after the service by asking for my shoes. He put the shoes on the altar and asked his people to bless us with an offering.
Cash is so hard to come by and I could hardly watch as I saw people put money in my shoes. I knew that, in some cases, this money was to be their eating money, or their fare for transportation.

Kori with some of the Imus church children.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Imus Church.

More of the "Shoes Offering."

Jordan felt moved to go up into the balcony and anoint the sound man with oil.

When I finished preaching, I invited only those who wanted to step into a personal apostolic ministry. I told them that I would anoint every one of them with oil but had I known how many would come forward, I might not have said that. I was overwhelmed by the response.
Thankfully, Jordan and Brenda helped me, moving through the congregation anointing every one.
Imus church is a powerful church.

As every single child, and young person came into the church they got their names and ages. Their organization was impressive.

This child wanted to write his own name.

The store next door to the church advertised a very apostolic bottled water, "Acts 238"

The music minister and his son arrived on a motorcycle.

What smiles!

Four churches in one day. We are worn out, but feel very rewarded. 3,996 more churches to go, (give or take a few)!