Monday, April 27, 2009

Jordan's thoughts

Well I never thought I would be writing in a blog. I never thought I would be living in another country. I never thought that I would get the chance to travel and just help churches and encourage them by just smiling. I never thought I could have something to say to a youth group. My whole way of thinking has been taking a beating the last 2 months. My little box of comfort has been smashed and burnt. The Philippines has given so much to me, much more than my family could ever give to them. Bro. Tim said it right at camp, “America needs Filipino missionaries!” God has chosen these people for something special in the last days.

Pastor Terry preached a message maybe 2 years ago about worship and I haven’t been able to forget it. This last week I found what he was trying to show us. About 1,300 campers worshipping God every night in a university gym with no air conditioning and focusing on God alone. Freedom filled the place and worship exploded! The last night of camp we sang for over 2 hours at the END of service. The kids didn’t want to leave, so we kept on going until almost 11:30; They would have still been singing and jumping there if we didn’t stop playing. I’m pretty sure that God was happy that night with His CHOSEN.

I love love love my friends here. They have believed in me, loved me, laughed with me/at me, and accepted me. I will always love Alexandria, LA but the Philippines will always be in my heart.

Maybe my other entries will make more sense, I hope, but that is my heart right now!