Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breakthrough Youth Camp

The Vice President of the UPC Philippines, Art Martinez, said, "This year's youth camp was a breakthrough camp!"

204 received the Holy Ghost during the last night and, for a Manila District, (NCR) that is the most ever.

Tim Rutledge was the night speaker, and he did something no one had ever done here.

He called the pastor's kids to the front at the conclusion of his message, and had the audience move toward the middle of the auditorium.

Rutledge then had the pastor's kids begin to march around the audience of young people. He told them to be silent, just like Joshua and the Children of Israel when they marched around Jericho. The first few rounds, they were able to contain themselves, but as the 4th time around came, the trembling, silent storm began to build. It was all they could do to keep silent.

When the pastor's kids rounded the 7th turn, the young people erupted in a focused voice of praise to break the chains of bondage. It was thunderous!

Pastor's kids getting in line to march.

The Filipino youth look forward to these times getting together rejoicing, and encouraging one another. They don't waste a single moment and it seems like EVERYONE comes with one main purpose, WORSHIP!!

Pastors C. Ompad and A. Martinez, invited those who had not received the Holy Ghost yet, to come to the front. Chairs were put in the altar in a very organized fashion and soon more than 200 young people were seated in these chairs.
In the very center of the altar area one girl began to act in a strange manner. Kori came to me and pointed her out to me and instantly I knew she was possessed.
Brenda and Pastor Ompad are two very stubborn people and it was a good thing because this girl had some very stubborn spirits.

The close proximity of bodies, the tropical climate and the tension, caused this to be a long 25 minutes. She was a small girl but she was incredibly strong. It took almost 10 people to hold her down so she would not hurt herself or others near her. At one point, she collided heads with Brenda, and Brenda just hung on, determined to see it through.
Pastor Ompad was talking to the spirits and he knew when one would leave. He did not stop until he saw the last one leave. He said, "That last devil was a stubborn devil." There were three of them.

These two young guys are pastor's sons, and they moved through the people in chairs like they had been doing this their whole lives.

After the service is always picture time. You have never seen so many smiles. Maybe that is one reason why Filipinos are loved in almost any culture. They just are fun to be around.

The service ended at about 11:30, they sang and danced for a solid two hours after the service was over! How they did it... I have no idea, we were worn out.
But we were loving it.

Party with the ACTS kids

When we were instructors here back in the late '90s the ACTS bible school compound was quite a lively place. It still is, but back then there were about 10, very energetic, (although well behaved) children that ran from the top of this place to the other.

Back in those days you could always hear the sound of children playing... and so we invited them back for a party, and the noises are the same, laughter, friendly competition, and just general liveliness from happy people.

To make the party even better, the Rios kids joined us. The Rios family is a major blessing to the work of God in the Philippines and has been like family to us for many years.

8 Large Pan pizzas, hot wings, a bucket of KFC with all kinds of dessert... then a Wii tournament to follow. Little David had limited experience with the Wii, but he and Brenda gave everyone a run for their money.

We need more food!! Thought I had enough... but they were hungry... typical young people.

Missing Morgan though. Wish he was here.