Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank God for a Condo!

Pool on the 2nd floor

View from Patio
Another view from patio
Melani in living room
Kendra and Jordan in dining room
Brenda and Kori in Kitchen

 I know it's been a few days since I have posted anything on this trip.  So here I am.

The plan was for Melani, Kendra and me to fly to Manila last Sunday night after a service in Iloilo.  Jordan and Kori flew into Manila on Friday night.  On Saturday I rushed to catch the 11:00 a.m. flight back to Manila to be with Kori, she was not doing good.  Melani and Kendra followed me on the afternoon flight, you see we HAVE to stick together.  

I got to Manila, hugged Jordan and Kori then found a pharmacy, bought water and juice trying to get Kori better.  She's better now.  Thank you Jesus and thanks to the POA for all the prayers.  

Sunday was a day of rest for us...WOW..what a change that was!!  Jordan and I did look at a Condo in Makati.

Monday we got up and I felt a little urgency to find my family a place to live, since we needed somewhere to go this Saturday.  Jordan and Melani thought I might need a chill pill.  But I survived the day.  After looking at many places, I didn't have a good feel about any of them. None of them gave me that feeling like, "Oh I can make this cozy".   

I felt even more uneasy last night (Monday).  Then I talked to the love of my life, Jeffrey.  He seems to make all things better.  He told me that God has a plan and it will all work out.  I believed him.  He not only makes sense most of the time, but he can make me laugh like none other....and for that I am grateful.  As I fell asleep last night I told God, "It's in Your hands", and went to sleep.   

When I woke up this morning I felt a peace about the very first one I looked at.  I texted (that's what they do here more than anything) the man and told him we wanted it if it was still available.  He told me it was.  I told him OK, then we want it.  I told Jeff and he felt good about it also.  He and Jeff talked a few weeks ago on the phone and really hit if off.  Come to find out the man likes missionaries.  So I told the group that we were going to see our new home.  

We met Johnny at 1:30.  The condo is on the 10th floor in the very area we wanted to live all along.  It has a laundry place that will pick up and deliver our laundry, it's located on the first floor.  Since we won't have a washer and dryer, this will come in handy.  It also has a barber, a travel agent, rental car place.  Jordan and Kori are pleased with it, Kendra thinks it's cool, and Melani likes it.  

SO, after a few days of being unsettled, I have a peace about it.  Jeff is going to love it.  He knows that area like any local here.  I feel safe there.  There is everything we will need, because at this point we don't have a car.  We can walk to just about anywhere we will need to go.  And it's within our budget!!!

Tomorrow we get on the Deluxe Victory Liner Bus Line and drive north to Baguio, it's a 6 hour drive.  The drive will be an adventure. We have our Dramamine and motion sickness bracelets ready.  I hope we make it without anything major happening.  I will enjoy being there with our friends the Banez's.  Just wish Jeff, Morgan, Terry, Bradyn were with us.  

Right now me, Kori, Jordan, and Kendra are sitting in Starbucks so we can have decent internet service.  For the last 3 nights this has been our hang out.  When we come in all the Barista's call us by name.  

I thank God for leading us to the right condo.  As long as I have a cozy place to retreat too, then I can handle just about anything.  
It's along way from 4800 Whitehall Blvd......but I think it'll be just fine.