Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mark's Wishes Come True

Brenda asked Mark what his hobbies were, what he liked the most in many different areas... In school, his favorite subject is Pilipino, which is the study of his own people. This is good because you can't be expected to lead people you don't understand and love.

The suite case was filled with all kinds of things. Toiletries, clothing for his sisters and brother, food, coloring books and crayons... it weighed a lot. Mark grabbed hold of that suite case and swung it up on the back of his Grandpa's tricycle like a pro.

Brenda went to the Mall and bought Mark a brand new outfit. Jeans, a nice shirt, and a reversible rain jacket with a hood. We will be giving this stuff to him today (Monday) after 5. Jordan and Bro. Bankens from Collins, Mississippi will be going with us.

He said his favorite sport is basketball and his favorite player is Kobe Bryant. So, we scoured the stores to find a Kobe Jersey, and we found one. It is a little big for him but it is the authentic NBA apparel, so he can grow into it. The Kobe basketball will go well with his new setup.
We just hope no one steals it from him because that is a real possibility. Gangs are operating in his village, and since Mark has stayed clear of them, he doesn't have any protection. Well, that is not entirely true, we will all be praying for him.

We found out that Mark's family has lived in this squatter's home for over 20 years. It is a shame that this is all that Mark knows. His world has about a 1 mile radius and is full of hardship and struggle.