Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy In Manila

We are busy in Manila.

Trying to find a Thompson Chain Bible.

Trying to find a nice Keyboard.

Trying to locate lost luggage for almost 2 days now.

Trying to find clothes and toiletries for the one who lost their luggage.

You may think that these things aren't a big deal, but they are. We have gone to 5 bookstores looking for the Bible. Several music stores looking for the right one. We have gone from one end of the Glorietta Mall to the other looking for stuff.

And the lost luggage has been a big deal. So Jordan being the good missionary that he is, said, "Hey, I'm jumping in a taxi and will go look these people in the eye at the airport and get the luggage", so he's on his way there now. This will probably take him about 4 hours.

Tonight starts the NCR District Conference. It's held here in Manila. Pastor Anthony and Randy Keyes are the speakers. They are expecting record attendance.

So far this trip has been a 'God Trip'. I'm sure it will continue to be for the next few days.

Thru all the busyness, I can't get away from going to Marks place. The sounds, the faces, the smells, the warm welcome will stay very near to my heart and my daily thoughts. I don't want to forget.

Another thing I can't stop thinking about is the service we had this past Sunday. We were in Valenzuela City. Our former Bible School students pastor there and are doing an incredible job. They had to relocate so a major highway can be paved thru their city, and as we sat in their church right off the main road, they began to sing the song, 'In His time, He makes all things beautiful in His time'.

This pastor and family, have had it hard. Flood, many people relocated because of the highway thru their city, church relocated, and the death of their son only a few months ago, and to hear them sing this song, touched me in a way that has changed me forever.

There are a lot of unsettling events in my life right now, but I am learning from these people.

I'm learning that no matter what happens, in His time all things are beautiful.