Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A visit with Danny-click on video to the right

Danny's house

As we were leaving the last church, the pastor's wife, Rita asked if we would pray for a man that lived across from the church. He had heat stroke and was not doing good. We walked in the door and there he was, lying on the concrete floor with a small pillow and a sheet.
Melani knelt down and asked for some oil and the only kind they had was what Rita used in Reflexology. She put some on his head and hands and we began to pray. It was so powerful. The presence of God was there so strong. Melani said he would look up and say, "In Jesus Name". It was truly an amazing experience.

A trip to the country side

Melani with pastor's wife, Rita
Next to the church
Kendra with the Pastor's kids.

The pastors son made this drum set. The silver one is literally an oil drum, and the gold one is a bucket. They are so resourceful.
The Pastor and his wife with Melani.
Another church we visited. POA bought them a sound system and linoleum... that they laid over a dirt floor.
Sunday School room to the right and the restroom is to the left.

One of the churches we visited today. The POA helped them with their building.