Friday, March 27, 2009

Our last day in Baguio and some random pictures

Baguio City

Wood Carver

Kori and Kendra-K&K-

They always have the best times together

K&K on Jeepney

Riding a Jeepney was a highlight for all of us

Then the flood.....

Eating Strawberries from Baguio. They came straight from the patch.

Kori, Kendra, and Jordan at Starbucks at Robinson's Mall in Manila.

Me and my Doll Kori.

I love this picture. They always smile.

Kendra, Kori, and Melani at the American Cemetery in Manila.

Kendra, Kori, and Jordan at Krispy Kreme in Manila.

THEY SAID this was their scared face. We left them alone in the van to buy bus tickets.

Greenbelt in Manila.

Melani and Me in Manila.

Jordan and Kori at bus terminal in Manila.

K&K on bus to Baguio

Peter Rabbit the Porter

Mark and Kori. Read about Mark on Melani's blog at

Melani checking in one of our hotels.

Wherever they are, they will be having fun and taking pictures.

Jordan at breakfast in Baguio

Church in Baguio. Pastor Eugene and Jimma Banez. Great people!

Kori, Kendra, Jimma and Eugene Banez

I love that girl!!! She is missing her dad....she said so tonight.

Strawberry patch in Baguio

The Manor in Baguio

We didn't even have to tell the restaurant we were coming they would just reserve us a table

Working thru computer issues together

Kori and Melani in the Strawberry Patch