Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mom found her way HOME today.

When Mom's feet hit the ground today, she knew this was her day to come home.

Mom's life came unhinged 7 years ago when Dad passed away, and in many ways I understand because his passing rocked my world too.

But in Mom's case, how can life NOT be wrecked when your childhood sweetheart since you were a little girl of 13 is suddenly absent.

Kenny was gone, and in her grief, she lost her moorings, and began to drift away from the safe harbor they had enjoyed together for almost 40 years.

Through the motions of pain, she left what she once knew, and when she finally became fully aware of her condition, she didn't really know how to get back.

Mom found something that would pass the time away, but in an ever increasing slide her activities took her further and further from His house and the things she once knew.

My mom and dad were always anchors in the churches they attended. They were friends of the pastors and their family's. Dad was always a head usher, or played some sort of key role, mom was always joined with the pastor's wife in almost every church activity. Praying people through in the altar, serving food, decorating the church, caring for the pastor's wife when she was ill.

I just never got used to mom being so far from all of that.
So many times, Mom would call me, "Bren, don't stop praying for me. I miss the presence of God!" And each time my soul would rend from top to bottom, wishing there was something I could do to help her get back. Prayer was all I had, prayer and a "never surrender" attitude that refused to let mom go. It turned out to be enough.

I just knew that one day she would make her way back home, to a familiar place. You see, she's been a stranger in a far country. She couldn't fit in. I remember telling her that I pray that wherever she is and wherever she goes that she would still feel God's presence and feel His arm around her.

She would try to have a good time, and I'm sure at times she was enjoying parts of it, but then a song would come to her and before she knew it, she was humming a tune from her native country and the sweet presence of God would surround her.

I'm thankful for that because that was one of my prayers. Prayers that she would never be able to get away from the presence of God.

I have prayed and fasted for her many, many, many days. Even when I wouldn't understand the choices she was making, all I could do is love her and pray for her.

Beverly Brady has prayed whole prayer shifts praying for my Mom, and we've had many chats about her.

Terry and Melani have taken her in just like family. They have loved her unconditionally.

Sis. Vesta has prayed and talked with her many times about coming home. If any of you know Sis. Vesta, you know that when she prays for you something 'will' happen.

To all of the old friends that I would see at BOTT or somewhere else, thanks for always asking about my Mom and praying for her.

I thank God for old friends in Sacramento who welcomed her back this past Sunday.

We can NEVER give up on people. We have to love them. We can't judge them. We have to try and understand them.

I'm so thankful today that Mom has come home. I knew she would someday. She is an anointed handmaiden of God, possessing many talents and abilities that are so useful to God's Kingdom. She can give a awesome bible study and she knows THE WORD.

I can't help think about Kenny Mabrey and what he saw and felt today.

Dad, by God's grace we'll all see you soon.

There was a time in my life when my life came unhinged and I left the church. Mom, you never gave up on me, it was your love, prayers, and advice that made me crawl into that closet and stay there until all the pieces came back together, and I came out of there with a made up mind to never leave Jesus again. Mom, you have thanked me for not giving up on you and for praying for you, well thank yourself because I was just doing what you taught me to do.

I love you Mom.