Monday, September 28, 2009



We are trying to keep our brothers and sisters from starving in the Philippines.

It is that serious. Manila has seen many floods over the years but what happened last week was unprecedented. The rains fell at an almost unprecedented rate, 16.7 inches in less than 12 hours! The already flooded reservoirs, rivers and valleys just could not keep up.

In order to save the dams from bursting, the authorities released huge quantities of water creating the perfect storm of devastation. Eye witness accounts said the flood waters were coming in slowly for several hours and then without warning the waters rose 8 feet in less than one hour!
People scrambled to get loved ones up onto roofs and took what possessions they could put their hands on and retreated to the roof tops and second floors.

At least 18 churches are totally devastated and 299 of our member’s homes have been total losses. 53 families in the church of General Superintendent Alfredo Bodegas. Sadly 2 are confirmed dead, one of them a 43 year old man. That is only the tip of the iceberg as communication lines are still down and there are many areas still unreachable. (Another typhoon is headed their way and is expected to make landfall Friday!)

Food, clothing and water are desperate needs right now. We have over 200 churches in the city and tens of thousands of saints who are now competing with 10 – 14 million other residents of Manila for these basic essentials of life.

So here is what we are doing.

The Headquarters Office and Church was not flooded as it is on some of the highest ground in the city. This has become the distribution center. They have volunteers who are working around the clock portioning out rice and sardines into family sized containers and are getting them into the hands of our church members across the city.

1 sack of rice weighs about 110 pounds and costs about $55 (US dollars)

Compassion Services International is going to be able to help, but the need is immediate and it will take them a little while to spring into action.

We will begin helping immediately!

If you are interested in helping immediately please email me at We will get the rice purchased THIS WEEK!