Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful in Manila!

Disclaimer: This is Jordan Mallory and NOT Jeff or Brenda…Somehow I missed out on the writing gene but here it goes!

Well, my parents and Pastor have left me and I am now on my own in Manila. I am staying with a great family! This trip really has been a GOD trip. From my parents finding Mark to the healing and revival that God is bringing back to the Philippines. Every service has had a purpose and has slowly given strength back to this nation. Bro. Keyes spoke that the revivals in years past are only the beginning and we have to continue to go beyond. I believe it so strongly that these next few months will be so powerful and important for the church. The time really is now! I am thankful that God has opened the doors to allow my family to have a small part in His work. I have always dreamt crazy dreams of going overseas on my own and doing something for God. Well I think that is happening. I am not there yet but the Filipino people won’t let me fail! Dreams that are kingdom minded can come true with faith and action!

I have spent my first Thanksgiving away from home in the Philippines! Now, I haven’t had any turkey, dressing, black-eyed cornbread or any other treat BUT I am still so thankful for this year. I do miss my entire family, the laughs, 5 hour-long monopoly games and puzzles that come with our Thanksgiving Day! My family here is taking such good care of me and I love you all so much!

I am already looking forward to coming back in February for General Conference. Whenever I go home there is an emptiness that comes over me. Not anything depressing, just a yearning to be back here. Say what you will but God’s hand is over Asia in a mighty way in these last days! I want to make sure I am in the middle of it! Now is the time to be involved!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Jordan Mallory

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crusade Sunday with Pastor Mangun

Mark was a natural, worshipping with the best of them.

We are sitting in Guam airport waiting for our flight to Honolulu. Pastor got us in the President's Club so we have a few minutes of internet before we leave... this will be a fast post. More will come later.
This has been some of the best weeks of our lives. So many miracles, so many memories, so much is good in life right now. God is good!

Pastor preached 5 times in 3 days but you couldn't tell it tonight. He was on fire!

The man praying in the altar is Marino, our Catholic driver. We hired him to help us find Mark, and he just stayed with us when Pastor got here. Pastor told him, "Buddy, if you stay around us you will become one of us." He spoke with tongues and had the most wonderful experience. Captain Mayor, (Also Pastor Mayor, is laying hands on him. It turns out that Marino lives very near to one of Pastor Mayor's church's!)

The beautiful family you see is the Jhimmy Bautista family from Valenzuela City.

The three girls are from our children's service. They are some of the heart grabbing children from Tondo, who are being reached by Pastor Nomer Trinidad.

Now, don't worry too much... but Mark played with the Laker's basketball that we bought him so much that he must have dislocated some bones in his hand. His little hand was swollen and very painful, but he still worshipped with the best of them!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


In the world of the Apostolic church, the oxygen we breathe is unity. Unity is the atmosphere, it is the channeling current that drives us on, but the lack of it is death. It is that way anywhere.

The Philippine Apostolics are the most dynamic in the world. (My opinion) The Philippine Apostolics represent the largest constituents outside of the USA (Bruce Howell's, Feb, 2009).
With that in mind, any conference here is very important, but this one was billed as "Revival Breakthrough" by the District Board here. Their stated purpose was to go beyond the plateau they had reached in the past few years, and Breakthrough into a new dimension. Nearing the end of this conference I heard pastors speaking among themselves... "This IS the Breakthrough we have been praying for!"

Anthony Mangun and Randy Keyes spoke with passion and great anointing. They were sensitive to the needs of the church here and operated with precision.

I have loved this nation and it's people since 1969 when I was a boy of only 2 and I have loved it more with each passing year. The one prayer that has been consistent with me throughout the years has been very simple, "God unite the leadership in the Philippines." That is it.

Anyone who has prayed with such an abiding passion for a single request will identify with me when I say this; I could hardly contain myself when I watched these powerful men and women fall into each other's arms and weave their souls into one common tapestry.

There is no force that can stop such a spiritual fabric. It is the Kevlar vest of any Christian soldier, unity covers the vital organs, it shields the back from unseen ambushes, it turns the common ordinary human into an immortal instrument in God's hands... that is what happened this week.

The Kingdom is on the move!

Rev Randy Keyes, from Modesto California, preached like he was in his 30's, "To Go Beyond."

He told them that whatever they have experienced in the past... all the victories, all the miracles, all the blessings... were not as great as what is coming. He was a human wrecking ball to the fortresses of doubt, he pounded away with dogged determination and we watched as faith began to grow to the point that pastor's were rediscovering lost dreams for their local churches, evangelists were set on fire, and the collective minds of the leadership reached for God, then for their brothers, and united for a common purpose.

Pastor Anthony Mangun came prepared with messages that could not possibly be more on point, but it was his customary ability to flow with the Spirit and lead in between the messages, and in the altar... It was at these times that everything came together. All the ingredients were present, and as they combined, they reacted with each other to produce a new, living thing... Unity.

NCR Conference

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy In Manila

We are busy in Manila.

Trying to find a Thompson Chain Bible.

Trying to find a nice Keyboard.

Trying to locate lost luggage for almost 2 days now.

Trying to find clothes and toiletries for the one who lost their luggage.

You may think that these things aren't a big deal, but they are. We have gone to 5 bookstores looking for the Bible. Several music stores looking for the right one. We have gone from one end of the Glorietta Mall to the other looking for stuff.

And the lost luggage has been a big deal. So Jordan being the good missionary that he is, said, "Hey, I'm jumping in a taxi and will go look these people in the eye at the airport and get the luggage", so he's on his way there now. This will probably take him about 4 hours.

Tonight starts the NCR District Conference. It's held here in Manila. Pastor Anthony and Randy Keyes are the speakers. They are expecting record attendance.

So far this trip has been a 'God Trip'. I'm sure it will continue to be for the next few days.

Thru all the busyness, I can't get away from going to Marks place. The sounds, the faces, the smells, the warm welcome will stay very near to my heart and my daily thoughts. I don't want to forget.

Another thing I can't stop thinking about is the service we had this past Sunday. We were in Valenzuela City. Our former Bible School students pastor there and are doing an incredible job. They had to relocate so a major highway can be paved thru their city, and as we sat in their church right off the main road, they began to sing the song, 'In His time, He makes all things beautiful in His time'.

This pastor and family, have had it hard. Flood, many people relocated because of the highway thru their city, church relocated, and the death of their son only a few months ago, and to hear them sing this song, touched me in a way that has changed me forever.

There are a lot of unsettling events in my life right now, but I am learning from these people.

I'm learning that no matter what happens, in His time all things are beautiful.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"It Is Coming Through Valenzuela City."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Valenzuela City

I think we can officially label this particular missionary trip as "Goosebump Tour of '09."

This Sunday at Valenzuela City was another experience in God's hot streak of revealing Himself. So far, this trip is batting 1000.

Our friend, Dennis Kniery from Alexandria LA, has never been to the Philippines but has been having dreams and visions about the Philippines the last few months. He has been hesitant to call them visions, but after what we saw this Sunday... Dennis, you had a vision.

He contacted us a few months ago asking about Valenzuela City. It was most unusual, as I knew Dennis could have no earthly knowledge of this place.

He said that he had been awakened in the middle of the night with a voice speaking in his head, "It is coming through Valenzuela City." There was more, but he said it was a realization that Valenzuela City was either a gateway, or a thoroughfare, or a bridge to what God was wanting to do. So we told Dennis that we would go to Valenzuela City this trip and see what we could find out. The goosebumps began as soon as we arrived.

Valenzuela City is about 1,000,000 on the northern edge of Metro Manila. The government has begun a 12 lane super highway, called the C5 to connect the center of Manila to the northern provinces of the main island of Luzon... it goes straight through Valenzuela City.

Not only that. When we arrived, the church was literally on the shoulder of the new highway and as we worshipped, tricycles, jeepneys and automobiles passed only a few feet from where we sat.

Not ONLY that! Pastor Jhimmy Bautista and his wife Rovelynn, who were students of ours at the ACTS Bible School, started the church here about 7 years ago and the highway went smack dab over the exact location of the church, and had to be demolished to accommodate the road.

This is a wonderful couple and all of Hell has come against them. As I already said, the church was demolished, but so was their house, as a result of this new highway. The government offered to relocate them but it would have been too far from their new converts, so they gave up the secured housing and took a step of faith.

8 months ago their baby boy died after living only 2 weeks. They have struggled mightily but have not given up. In fact, they have only strengthened their resolve and told the church, "We will meet for prayer EVERY DAY until we break this thing!"

That is what they did, and began to see immediate results. Visitors have been in every service, excitement is bubbling up out of everyone, and new converts are winning other new converts.

Rovelynn is still grieving over the loss of her baby but is faithfully fulfilling her role of wife, mother and pastor's wife. She played the keyboard (that is woefully inadequate) with gusto and her voice is beautiful and strong.

At the conclusion of my message I told the story of Mark. I did not know until later that many of Pastor Jhimmy's saints come from a situation similar to Mark's. EVERYONE was weeping.

I also noticed that the driver of our car, Marino, had come into the side of the church and was listening to me preach. He is a devout Catholic and is not familiar with Pentecost. As I began to tell the story of Mark, tears began to flow in his eyes.

Then they REALLY began to flow. He was using his tissue to wipe tears, then his shirt, then he had to go to the car and get a towel!

When we were alone with him later in the day he began to weep again. Marino has been a part of this story from the beginning as he has been the driver that we had employed when we began searching for Mark and was with us during all the remarkable twists and turns of this incredible story.

"I don't know what happened to my eyes whenever I think of Mark. I was like Mark. I was raised a squatter's kid. I lived in a place like Mark lives. No one believed in me..."

He wept for a while, while he was weaving in and out of traffic, never releasing the accelerator.

Brenda and I were very touched by his emotion but were also fearing for our lives.

He went on to say, "There is something special about that boy. He is not like the other squatter's kids. The other squatter's kids only care about the immediate, drugs, gangs, treating their bodies without respect. Mark is different. All the people I have talked to, the people at the bus station, the people in his village, they all say Mark is a good boy. He is a hard worker..."

Marino went on, wiping tears and narrowly missing a smorgasbord of vehicles.

After a while he went silent, then he added, "Thank you for helping my people. Thank you for helping Mark."

After the service, we invited Pastor Jhimmy and his family to eat with us. We had more to our plan than food so we suggested we go to one of the large malls in Manila.

Brenda and I knew a good deal about this family and could not get away from the idea that we needed to help them out.
So, after we ate, we took them into the SM Department Store and said, "Pick out the girls a nice church outfit. Don't look for the cheapest, but let's find something nice."
When we found out that Pastor Jhimmy had only one pair of dress shoes, and since that is what he wears almost all the time, these shoes needed to retire.
So, while Brenda took Rovelynn to the women's shoes, I went with Jhimmy to the men's.

What comes next broke our hearts!

I was sitting beside Jhimmy waiting for the next size of shoes to come so he could try them on. Jhimmy had been carrying his briefcase on his shoulder the whole time and set it down long enough to bend over and slip his foot into a shoe. When he straightened up, he looked down beside him and his case was gone.

He jumped up and said, "My bag! Where is my bag?" We frantically searched for it and it was gone.
"Jhimmy, what was in that bag?"
"My bible." That was a crushing blow. His personal bible, with all of his notes and years of markings and underlining.
Then he said, "My secretary usually takes the money from the offering but for some reason, today, she put it in my bag."
Today they had taken up the building fund offering, the tithes and... it was all gone.
The mall was over crowded from holiday shoppers and looking back Brenda remembered a lady had been following them all over the store, pushing a cart, acting as though she was shopping.
The cart she had been pushing was there, right beside us, with all the things she had put in it, and the lady was gone.
We went ahead and bought their items and left the mall feeling like we had been kicked in the gut.
Later, Jhimmy sent me a text message, "Sir, don't worry when we lost something God has a replacement that is more beautiful for us..." He then added some personal things.
Pastor Jhimmy and Rovelynn, I don't know why all of this has been happening to you but I know this... It is coming through Valenzuela City! Hold on to that promise faithful soldiers of the Gospel. Your reward is piling up in Heaven's treasure room.

Pastor Jhimmy points to the center of the new highway... "That is where our church used to be.

This bridge was destroyed in the recent flood and is a connector to two main areas of Valenzuela City.

The highway heading back in the direction of Manila.

The river that flooded this part of Valenzuela City.

Praying for strength for Pastor and Sister Bautista. Rovelynn wept in a travailing spirit when I told the church about the vision of Dennis Kniery... "It will come through Valenzuela City."

Rovelynn had also seen visions and they had dreamed dreams. This word confirmed what they had already seen.

Rovelynn on the keyboard that needs replacing. It has some sort of electronic Turret’s. She is playing it and it just goes, "Ngaaa! Bzzz! Plip!" Something like that.

Marino, the driver, just could not hold it together during the story of Mark.

Jeruzha Mae Bautista

Jeruzha Mae ran from rack to rack, we can't wait to see her in her new dress.

Jerahmeel has very good taste. She is a beautiful young lady who loves God. The Bautista's only have to pay half the regular school tuition because Jerahmeel is the top student in the school.

Notice in the picture above, the bag that is on Jhimmy's shoulder. That was to be stolen about 30 minutes later.

Jhimmy talking to the Manager and head of security about the theft.

Another Day at Mark's Village

Monday after noon, at 4:00 P.M.
These two students from the ACTS Bible School have eagerly agreed to make Mark's village their priority. They are going to be teaching bible studies and this young man will personally escort the children to church every Sunday.

When we showed up Mark was playing with the village kids, and if you will notice, he is wearing the POA wrist band from the 21 day fast. He is so proud of it.

The look on his face when he opened up his backpack and saw his Kobe Bryant jersey was priceless.

He just couldn't believe it was his. This was a dream he thought would never come true.

It wasn't long and we left his home and followed him as he ran out to the basket ball court to try out his new ball.

There was a group of older kids who jealously watched Mark as he bounced his new ball. They didn't know I could understand them and I heard them say, "As soon as they leave we are going to take that ball."

That didn't set too well with us, and Brenda being so timid (NOT!!) walked into the middle of those boys and said, "You see this ball? It belongs to Mark. It is up to him if you play with it. Don't take it."

The boys responded pretty well to that sobering bit of news, so we decided to reward them. We told them, "If you don't take Mark's ball, then on Sunday we will give you a new basketball of your own." They actually clapped their hands and began to cheer.

(This place is breaking the bank, and I couldn't be happier.)

About that time a lady began calling, "Ma'am Brenda, Ma'am Brenda!!" It was a villager who has attended Pastor Caesar Pestano's church for a long time. She came running over to Brenda and said, "My granddaughter came running into my house saying, 'Sister Brenda is here!' I didn't believe it... but it is true." She was overwhelmed to know that we were interested in her village and in her neighbors.

Then this little girl (standing in front of Brenda in the picture below) walked up to Brenda and said, "Are you born again?" Brenda said she was and the girl replied in pure English, "So am I and I never miss church." It turns out she is a member in one of our churches also.

The thing is, she lives in what can only be described as a hole in the ground. It looks like a dog house, and a really bad one at that. Every time it rains, she said all of their belongings get wet.

Her name is Janice and she is going to be helping Mark and the whole family become more comfortable with church. This is SUCH a God thing.
Now we are thinking of ways to help Janice and her family.