Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is a great day to be alive

There is no substitute for God, family and good friends. Thankfully, we have all three. God has been so gracious, and so good to us. Our family is walking in blessed days right now. Our friends have meant the world to us. What more could we ask for?
We are taking a step, a large step for us, into full time ministry. Hearts Heading Home is a family ministry we are excited about. We have a seminar book, (for lack of a better description) that contains some very good resources for families, marriages, children, moral purity and the like.
Missions, missions, missions. At the same time, while we base out of Alexandria, we feel compelled to reach beyond. Harvest time is here, and in our latest trip to the Philippines it was thrilling to see what God is doing in that country. Our brothers and sisters over there are representing the gospel well. Through their faithfulness, they have allowed God to position them for unprecedented harvest.
A word to spiritual investors, invest in the Philippines because it is going to pay off big time!
A word for POA. You are an awesome church with tremendous leadership! What God is doing in these 21 days of fasting and praying is an experience we will never forget. We know that years from now we will be reminiscing, "Remember when we were in that 21 day fast? Remember how it was, thousands of people sacrificing and praying all at once for three straight weeks?" This is a great day to be alive.
From Jeff

I'm a blogger!!

Hi! I finally did it. I'm a blogger. When you have family and friends that live thousands of miles away this is a good way to stay connected. Our life is far from boring, as we have a very active family. Jeff and I both will contribute to this blog. When you read the deep hearted stuff-that will come from Jeff. The light stuff will come from me. Can't say I'll blog everyday, but keep checking back and no tellin what you'll find on here. I'm glad you found us.
From Brenda