Saturday, November 21, 2009


In the world of the Apostolic church, the oxygen we breathe is unity. Unity is the atmosphere, it is the channeling current that drives us on, but the lack of it is death. It is that way anywhere.

The Philippine Apostolics are the most dynamic in the world. (My opinion) The Philippine Apostolics represent the largest constituents outside of the USA (Bruce Howell's, Feb, 2009).
With that in mind, any conference here is very important, but this one was billed as "Revival Breakthrough" by the District Board here. Their stated purpose was to go beyond the plateau they had reached in the past few years, and Breakthrough into a new dimension. Nearing the end of this conference I heard pastors speaking among themselves... "This IS the Breakthrough we have been praying for!"

Anthony Mangun and Randy Keyes spoke with passion and great anointing. They were sensitive to the needs of the church here and operated with precision.

I have loved this nation and it's people since 1969 when I was a boy of only 2 and I have loved it more with each passing year. The one prayer that has been consistent with me throughout the years has been very simple, "God unite the leadership in the Philippines." That is it.

Anyone who has prayed with such an abiding passion for a single request will identify with me when I say this; I could hardly contain myself when I watched these powerful men and women fall into each other's arms and weave their souls into one common tapestry.

There is no force that can stop such a spiritual fabric. It is the Kevlar vest of any Christian soldier, unity covers the vital organs, it shields the back from unseen ambushes, it turns the common ordinary human into an immortal instrument in God's hands... that is what happened this week.

The Kingdom is on the move!

Rev Randy Keyes, from Modesto California, preached like he was in his 30's, "To Go Beyond."

He told them that whatever they have experienced in the past... all the victories, all the miracles, all the blessings... were not as great as what is coming. He was a human wrecking ball to the fortresses of doubt, he pounded away with dogged determination and we watched as faith began to grow to the point that pastor's were rediscovering lost dreams for their local churches, evangelists were set on fire, and the collective minds of the leadership reached for God, then for their brothers, and united for a common purpose.

Pastor Anthony Mangun came prepared with messages that could not possibly be more on point, but it was his customary ability to flow with the Spirit and lead in between the messages, and in the altar... It was at these times that everything came together. All the ingredients were present, and as they combined, they reacted with each other to produce a new, living thing... Unity.

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